Aerial Infrared

Campbell Thermography, in cooperation with Stockton Infrared, AITscan™, SchoolScanIR, and UniversityScanIR, offers a variety of areal infrared scanning services.  We have performed numerous qualitative infrared thermographic surveys of steam systems for universities, cities and industrial clients nationwide. We brought together all the components that truly make us the state-of-the-art in the field of infrared thermography and our deliverable product is the best on the market today.  We use high-resolution infrared imagers, digital recording equipment, techniques that have been refined over the years and the attitude that we are going to obtain the best imagery possible and produce a professional report in a timely manner.

View the paper: “The Benefits of Aerial Infrared Thermal Mapping”

Advantages of Aerial IR imaging using fixed-wing aircraft:

  • Reports are created with high-angle, straight down (NADIR) infrared images, which reduce reflections and capture large areas at once, making the imagery easier to analyze and the report less expensive to produce.
  • Since images are captured straight-down or ‘plan view’, the report is clear, concise and easy to understand because infrared images, visual images and AutoCAD® drawings are reconciled.
  • Aerial thermography is cost effective as the foundation of any roof asset management program for universities, school systems, hospitals, or flat roof buildings over 300,000 square.

ITscan™ Services

AITscan™ is the industry leader in aerial infrared applications. AITscan™ thermographers accomplish high-resolution, surgical aerial IR missions such as flying over flat and low-sloped building to find subsurface roof moisture, discovering pollution sources in creeks, rivers, lakes and streams, finding steam leaks and water leaks in district heating and cooling systems, counting animals like deer for municipalities, flying high voltage transmission lines for power companies, defining the extent of landfill fires and performing many other specialized aerial IR services. AITscan™ has eleven pilots, nine fixed-wing aircraft and one rotor-wing aircraft. The assets are strategically located throughout North America enabling us to provide services to clients anywhere.


Video of Infrared Thermography showing how changing perspective will help to diagnose entrained moisture in an EPDM roof and leaks in a University Steam System.