About Us

Campbell Thermography LLC is an enterprise committed to the conservation of energy, sustainability, quality workmanship, and consistent accurate reporting.  Infrared imaging is the primary tool used in the discovery of energy loss, flat roof leaks, electrical and mechanical deficiencies, and masonry block wall inspections.  The company, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is owned and operated by William Campbell.

We provide comprehensive, independent, reliable building envelope non-destructive infrared surveys and easy to understand reporting services.  Our findings are presented in a report that is neutral, containing facts supported by scientific evidence.

We deliver valuable information on property condition beneficial for investment decisions, energy reduction, preventive and predictive maintenance, environmental health, and building safety.

From William Campbell:

My motivation in founding this company reaches beyond personal challenge and the prospect for financial gain.  This endeavor has brought the opportunity to conserve energy and other resources for the benefit of the customer, and the planet.  I am pleased that my efforts have balance. The conservation of resources for the benefit of the customer brings business. The conservation of energy for the benefit of the planet is a dividend that brings satisfaction and inspiration.

I am personally motivated to learn and find truth in all I do. I am committed to thorough investigation and the education of others whenever possible. My current endeavor is the realization of what comes naturally for me and I truly enjoy my work and interactions with people relating to infrared imaging.

Background, Qualifications, Education:

  • Level II infrared certification (#8748) accomplished with the oldest independent infrared training and certification firm in the world. Founded in 1980, Infraspection Institute has trained and certified nearly 10,000 thermographers worldwide.
  • Building Analyst and Envelope Shell Professional certifications earned from Building Performance Institute (#5036517).
  • Additional training and mentoring for specific applications completed with United Infrared, RoofScanIR, BlockwallScanIR, and ElectricIR.
  • Expertise in investigating and providing solutions attained from 16 years repairing computer systems as a Customer Service Engineer.
  • Technical background established as a graduate of the University Of Michigan College Of Engineering.
  • Teaching experience developed as a Physics Instructor at Washtenaw Community College.
  • Community awareness gained from 2010 campaign for WCC Board of Trustees with over 32,000 votes.