Thermographic Imaging for Finding Energy Loss, Roof Leaks

turns the heat energy that's escaping from any building into a visible image, to show you where you can save energy and money. Call for a quote and find out how to conserve valuable resources. (734) 662-7179

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Infrared thermography of electrical switchgear will reveal problems before they become dangerous and costly. Insurance companies often give discounts for routine infrared surveying of switchgear. Infrared imaging is an excellent tool for predictive and preventive maintenance of motors, controls and production machinery. Visit our Electrical page for additional information on safety and reliability.


Thermographic images of CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) walls show energy escaping as well as defects inside the wall. Infrared images will save you money and insure that block walls are built to specifications. Thermograms of CMU walls reveal deficiencies so corrections can be made with surgical precision. Please visit our Block Wall page for more information on how our services will save you money.


Infrared thermography is an excellent tool for finding heat loose in homes as well as commercial and industrial buildings. Infrared imaging will save you money on energy bills. As a registered DTE contractor, our comprehensive energy audit qualifies for a DTE rebate up to $150 in addition to doubling other rebates offered by DTE. Please visit our Energy Loss page for more information on how we can save you money.


Infrared thermographic images of a flat roof leak will reveal moisture intrusion. Infrared images will identify patterns of heat loss in roofs. Wet insulation under the roof membrane is identified and marked so repairs are limited to only what is necessary. Repair bills are reduced significantly and energy loss is reduced. Please visit our Roof Leak page for more information on how our services will save you money.